Partial Dentures Facts: What Patients Should Know

A partial denture is used to replace one or more missing teeth when natural teeth are still available. The denture uses a special clap that attaches to the surrounding teeth to hold it in place.  It is a low-cost restoration option for anyone who is missing a tooth. Although your dentist will cover all important information that patients should know concerning partial dentures fairview heights, we’d like to provide you with a few tips before you make the appointment.

Partial Dentures Benefits

Partial dentures replace a missing tooth or teeth. They provide the user with confidence they might’ve lost without their natural teeth. It eases speech difficulties as well as problems eating certain foods. You can feel like yourself again with the help of partial dentures and this list included only some of the perks!

Replace When Necessary

Partial dentures average a lifetime of about 7 years, although some need to be replaced before this time elapses. Do not miss the dentist appointment for replacement partials. Like other products, partials wear out and become damaged over time. Replacing them when necessary keeps your smile beautiful.


Far too many people think visiting a dentist is too expensive. It’s true that dental care is expensive, however, there are many strategies that reduce the prices so it’s more affordable. Make sure you carry dental insurance and compare/research dentists in the area. A bit of research leads you to the best dentist and the best costs.

Go to the Dentist

partial dentures fairview heights

Once a partial denture is placed in your mouth, maintain regular visits with your dentist to keep them in good condition and to prevent other dental issues. The ADA recommends visiting the dentist no less than once per year, although two visits each year is best.

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