Myths about Mosquitos

Mosquitos – those annoying and bloodsucking bugs. They seem to always be around whenever you want to spend some time outside, and they quickly drive you inside. With the bugs being around as long as they have, there have been a few myths about mosquitos that have traveled through the ages.

Debunking those myths might not keep the mosquitos away, but at least you’ll be able to understand the bloodthirsty bugs the next time you call a mosquito service louisville to get rid of them!

The Mosquito Bite

While its thought that all mosquitos bite people and animals for their blood, in fact only the females do the biting. The female mosquitos use the blood for their egg development, and because of this we can dispel another myth. Female mosquitos don’t die after they’ve bitten a human.

In fact, only some bees die after stinging a human, but mosquitos just drink their fill and fly away.

Blood and Beer

Mosquitos don’t drink blood, although it might seem like it. But instead female mosquitos take blood from several humans and animals. Once she has enough, she then uses the protein and iron in the blood to produce eggs and create more mosquitos.

Additionally, the myth of ‘eating certain foods to repel bugs’ is false. Studies have shown that people who drink beer are more attractive to mosquitos, although not many scientists know why this is true.

Repelling by What you Wear

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Some people believe that what you wear doesn’t matter when it comes to bug bites, but more studies have shown that mosquitos come after people dressed in dark clothes. This is because they see you as an animal that needs to be fed on.

Now that some of the most popular myths have been debunked, you should be able to hold your own against mosquitoes by understanding how they think.